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Does your child wear an Amber teething necklace? Baltic Amber Teething necklaces have been worn for centuries in Europe, used by many to alleviate the pain of cutting new teeth. However, they are also a great accessory. Some children have multiple colors of Amber teething necklaces to accessorize various colors and styles of clothing. Amber is lightweight, and very comfortable to wear!

1. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces from Spark of Amber are designed with safety in mind. 
We make sure the beads are an appropriate size, and our necklaces all are knotted between each bead. That way, if one bead falls off, the rest stay in place. Rest assured, Amber is 100% natural, and non-toxic. Also, Spark of Amber teething necklaces are designed to break under strong pressure, as another safety feature, should the necklace get caught somewhere. Naturally, we recommend you use your own good judgment, and never leave your child unattended.

2.  Amber teething necklaces from Spark of Amber are made with only the finest Baltic Amber beads, professionally tested for authenticity and imported from Lithuania.

3. Baltic Amber teething necklaces from Spark of Amber come in a wide range of beautiful colors. We have Raw Amber teething necklaces, and polished Amber teething necklaces. At Spark of Amber, we carry the light-colored Sunny Days (raw/unpolished) Amber teething necklace, and the dark-colored Midnight polished Amber teething necklace (preferred by many for boys!). The Seashore multi-colored polished Amber teething necklace is a favorite with moms who like a variety of colors. Whatever color of Amber teething necklace you are looking for, we probably have it available at Spark of Amber.

4. Amber teething necklaces from Spark of Amber come in a variety of shapes. Do you prefer the natural nugget style, the bean shaped polished beads, or the round/baroque beads? Whatever your Amber teething necklace style preference, it is available at Spark of Amber.

5. Spark of Amber teething necklaces are shipped fast! Spark of Amber is based in the United States, and most customers receive their Amber teething necklaces well with in a week's time. We ship with Delivery Confirmation--best of all, shipping is completely free to United States customers! All Spark of Amber teething necklaces are packaged in a beautiful pouch or box, ready for gift-giving (or perfect to store your new Amber teething necklace)!

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