Spark of Amber

All clasps on our Baltic Amber necklaces are secure screw clasps. We try not to use metal clasps because some people have allergies to metal.

Did you know? For teething necklaces, although we hand-craft our necklaces and make them securely, under intense pressure, the clasp will break. This is by design, to prevent choking. Under normal usage, they should not break, unless there is a defect of some sort. We work hard to make our teething necklaces the best they can possibly be, however, occasionally defects happen.

What should I do if my necklace clasp breaks? All clasps are made by threading the special silk thread through the hole and knotting them. You may be able to repair your clasp this way.

What if I cannot repair my clasp? If you purchased the necklace within 90 days, contact us. We will work with you, and upon returning the necklace with the broken clasp to us, we will ship out a new one to you. WE DO NOT DO REPAIRS, due to time constraints.

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