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Love our jewelry? Want to earn some for free? This is your opportunity to share our jewelry with your friends, and earn free jewelry for yourself!

As you know, at Spark of Amber we sell a wide range of beautiful jewelry for all ages!

We know you are busy, so with an online jewelry party, there is no need to clean your house or make desserts!  No more setting an entire night aside and wondering who will actually show up. An online jewelry party is simple, fun, and costs you nothing. No traffic jams, no dressing up—all you need is a computer!

How does it work? Very simply:

1.       Contact us via Facebook, through the contact form at or at and tell us when you would like to host your party. We recommend a one week or two week time-frame, to give everyone a chance to order.

2.       We will email you the text for the party invitation. You may then email this text as an invitation to your friends. We also HIGHLY recommend you set up an event on Facebook (using our emailed text) and invite your facebook friends and family!  This invitation contains a code specifically for your friends and family to use when placing an order. This special code is entered in the coupon section at check-out and gives the customers $1.00 off each order, and gives YOU credit for each order. Make sure they use it! They MUST enter this code to get $1.00 off their order, and for you to get credit for their purchase.

3.       The jewelry is shipped to your friends and family. Of course, at Spark of Amber, everything SHIPS FOR FREE, every day!

4.       After the party is over, I will send you a credit  to our store (a special code) for free jewelry, based on the amount of jewelry you sold during the Online Jewelry Party.  Select your free jewelry, enter your code in the coupon section at checkout, and your free jewelry is shipped directly to you!

The more people you invite, and the more they buy, the more free jewelry you earn! You also earn extra store credits if any of your friends book their own online jewelry party. These credits are payable AFTER your friend or family member completes his/her own online jewelry party.

Earnings are as follows:


You earn:

1.       A credit of 15% of all orders from your family/friends placed during your Online Jewelry Party

2.       $5 store credit to Spark of Amber for each friend who books their own online jewelry party through Spark of Amber (payable to you after their jewelry party is completed). 

3.       An additional $10 credit if 15 or more different people order at least $20 of merchandise from Spark of Amber during your online jewelry party!


For example: Sell $400 in total purchases and have 4 friends book online jewelry parties. Have at least 15 people who order $20 or more—You earn $90 in free jewelry! You have 30 days to spend your earned credit on Free jewelry from Spark of Amber!


NOTE: At least two people besides you, the hostess, must purchase jewelry for it to be considered a party.


Ready to book your party? Contact us at Spark of Amber today, and we can get you started!

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