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Perhaps you are not familiar with Baltic Amber jewelry. Maybe you stumbled unto the Spark of Amber website accidentally or out of curiosity. However, surely if you looked long enough, you noticed how beautiful pure Baltic Amber jewelry is, and maybe your interest is piqued and you are considering a purchase of Amber jewelry. Here are a few helpful tips from

1. For your first purchase of Amber jewelry, purchase a piece you know you will love! Baltic Amber is beautiful. At, we offer a variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants for adults. We also offer Amber teething necklaces and anklets/bracelets for children. If you are not familiar with the many uses of Amber, simply start out with a beautiful, timeless piece of Baltic Amber jewelry that you know you will enjoy.

2. Educate yourself on the uses of Baltic Amber. For younger children, Baltic Amber has been used as a teething remedy for centuries. At Spark of Amber, we do carry a wide selection of Amber teething necklaces and bracelets/anklets. In Europe, Baltic Amber is widely used as a pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, stress-reliever, and to help with joint problems.

3. Purchase Baltic Amber from a reputable source. There is fake amber for sale on the internet. That is why at Spark of Amber, we do not settle for unreliable and untrustworthy "home tests", but make sure that every piece of Amber we sell has been professionally examined and is 100% authentic. When you spend your money on a beautiful piece of Amber jewelry, you deserve to know it’s the real thing.

4. Know how to use and wear Amber. Baltic Amber is meant to be worn against the skin. For those who purchase a Baltic Amber teething necklace from, please be aware that they are not for chewing. The Succinic Acid in the Baltic Amber is said to be released through the warmth of the skin. Also, after purchasing your Amber jewelry, store it safely in a cloth pouch, away from other jewelry. You want your purchase to last a long time! Baltic Amber from Spark of Amber is 100% natural, so please do not use harsh chemicals to clean it. Also, Baltic Amber does not need to be "recharged"--this is a myth. Please do not set your Amber in the direct sunlight for long periods of time. This is unnecessary, and could be harmful to the Amber.

This information is available on the Spark of Amber blog. We also update our Facebook page regularly.

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