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In this post, we at Spark of Amber wanted to address common misconceptions that people have about Baltic Amber and Baltic Amber jewelry or Teething Necklaces. Hopefully this post will be helpful as you learn more about Baltic Amber or consider a purchase of beautiful Baltic Amber jewelry.


1. Misconception: Baltic Amber is made of tree sap.
The truth is---Baltic Amber is an 100% natural resin, not tree sap. It is found in Lithuania and the Baltic sea region, and is prized for its beauty.

2. Misconception: A Baltic Amber Teething Necklace is made for chewing.
  The truth is--- Baltic Amber teething necklace is to be worn against the skin; it is not intended for chewing (although, it is 100% natural/organic Baltic Amber, so it is not harmful in any way). The Succinic Acid  in the Baltic Amber is released through the skin’s warmth.

3. Misconception: Baltic Amber worn for teething or pain relief is a new concept.
The truth is-- Baltic Amber has been used by Europeans for centuries for pain-relief and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Europeans have also long prized Baltic Amber, and used it for immunity building, respiratory infections, teething, headaches, carpal tunnel pain, and more!

4. Misconception: Baltic Amber needs to be “recharged” in the sun
. The truth is-- Baltic Amber should not be left directly in the sun for long periods of time, as this could even be harmful to the jewelry. The Succinic Acid is found in the surface of the Baltic Amber. . .it is naturally in the composition of the Amber, and there is no need to “recharge” it. At Spark of Amber, we also recommend storing your Baltic Amber jewelry in a soft pouch away from other jewelry, and using only a soft cloth to clean your Amber jewelry.

5. Misconception: All Baltic Amber Jewelry is made the same way.
  The truth is-- Some supposed Baltic Amber is not Baltic Amber, but is fake (which is why all Baltic Amber from Spark of Amber is professionally tested for authenticity). Also, all Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces should be carefully assembled with knots between each beads and a tightly fitting screw clasp. Baltic Amber rings, bracelets, and necklaces for adults should only be purchased from a reliable seller, such as

6. Misconception: Baltic Amber is found all over the world.
The truth is-- At least 80% of Baltic Amber is found in the Baltic region (hence the name Baltic Amber).  At Spark of Amber, we only use the highest quality Baltic Amber from Lithuania in our jewelry!

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