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Luxury Raw Baltic Amber and Rose Quartz Youth Sized Necklace Rounded Beads 14.5"

Luxury Raw Baltic Amber and Rose Quartz Youth Sized Necklace Rounded Beads 14.5"

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Luxury Raw Baltic Amber and Rose Quartz Youth Sized Necklace Rounded Beads 14.5" Summary

Stunning Rose Quartz and RAW Baltic Amber Rounded Beads Necklace-- Imagine lovely raw amber combined with the beauty of pure Grade A Rose Quartz gemstones. This is our newest Luxury line Raw Amber Necklace-- Made especially for your older child. These are approximately 14.5-15" long!

**PLEASE NOTE-- Color of Amber beads in this batch of necklaces is the Campfire/Honey Raw amber color.

If you are unfamiliar with Rose Quartz it is a gemstone that is used for calming, stress relief, and easing of anxiety. What a great combination with pure raw Baltic Amber, and so beautiful! NOTE: The rose quartz is in its very natural form, never dyed, so the pink is VERY light!

NOTE: This style of Baltic Amber teething necklace is completely made of RAW rounded beads of Baltic Amber for the maximum amount of Succinic Acid. Raw Baltic Amber is beautiful. There will be some natural variations in the amber, dark marks, etc, that are normally "polished" away in polished amber. This all adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the amber!

Some necklaces will be lighter and some will be darker than others, some beads will be more round or less round and smooth, all depending on the natural variations in the natural amber beads.

Your child can enjoy this worn against the skin to get the most benefit from the natural Baltic Amber, or as an accessory to his or her favorite outfit. Amber is very light and comfortable to wear!

These teething necklaces are made of Baltic Amber rounded beads. There is a lot of variety in the beads on these necklaces. The sizing varies on the beads-- it is around 6 mm depending on the necklace. There can even be a mix of sizes in the same necklace--all are very beautiful!

Coloring may vary slightly from necklace to necklace, due to the natural variations in Baltic Amber.

This necklace is hand-crafted of authentic Baltic Amber rounded beads. These amber rounded beads come straight from Lithuania. Each individual bead/stone is unique and special, so the sizes and shapes of each bead may be different. Every necklace is its own unique work of art. It measures approximately 14.5-15” long. Necklaces are made with care and quality inspected before shipping!

Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin. Europeans greatly prize this beautiful stone for its claimed 100% natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and calming properties. The healing oils of the Baltic Amber are said to relieve teething pain, tame baby’s irritability and relieve inflammation in the throat, ear, and stomach.

The calming properties of Baltic Amber may go a long way towards a calmer, happier child. The toddler years are full of turmoil, with lots of growth and change, so the natural analgesic of Baltic Amber is a wonderful gift!

ALWAYS FAST and FREE SHIPPING! Ships from the USA within 3 business days!

Be sure to check out our other 100% authentic Baltic Amber jewelry for children through adults! We will be adding new items often.

NOTE: Baltic Amber jewelry is not designed for chewing or sucking. The oils are released through contact with the skin. Parents should always supervise their child when wearing any jewelry, including Baltic Amber jewelry, as there is always the chance of the jewelry breaking and baby/toddler putting a bead in their mouth. Baltic Amber jewelry should not be worn to bed. Spark of Amber is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or accidents that arise from use of our products, which the purchaser acknowledges by buying our product. As per US legislation, recommended for ages 3 and older, due to small pieces on necklace.

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